Hi there,

I’m Moein Hosseini and this blog might be an answer to my feeling in different stuations of my life. Maybe writing can help me. At least I’m giving it a try. This blog is not going to just store some useless posts about a person that you might barely know. It will contain very detailed and long tutorials in any subject that I feel confident about it.

Why Blog?

I’ve had two blogs before and wrote things because of various reasons. My first blog was about robotics engineering. I tried hard to provide the best content about batteries, books, microcontrollers and etc. My second blog was the same as this one but with a custom wordpress template.

As you can guess, my other blogs has been written in my native language. Writing here means much to me because as I’m leaving some of my memories in here, this will help me to improve my English.

Any Roadmap?

Nope! Just let me see what will happen. I even don’t know about the next post or will I continue the writing or not. As I wrote above, just gave it a try. Also to be honest, I like this short and nice domain and it would be waist of money if I just don’t do anything with it. Let’s see how it goes :)

So good luck to me and you!